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In April of 2022, Pamela Young contacted J.B. Entertainment, INC now JB Entertainment LLC, and talked about making a TV series. During the discussion she mentioned to James Bessinas, owner of JB Entertainment LLC, that all this would have to be done after their fashion show. James suggested doing a documentary on the fashion show and Pamela loved the idea. They collaborated a couple more times and moved forward with the documentary and the rest is history.

In April there was a casting call put out. Since Pamela Owns The Young Agency getting talent was a little easier, but we still needed to audition them. we held auditions for several talents, some made it through the first cuts but not the second. James was still not happy with the cast and the size of talent that they still had. there was several more cuts until finally we got it down to five. These five met several standards that James was looking for and he was finally happy with the talent they had.


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